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Delivering excellent quality at low prices in record time

What a fantastic job Nextool did for us.

We were paying excessive prices for our pipe inserts. Nextool designed and manufactured tooling produced the product and reduced our costs significantly.

I would recommend Nextool because they went the extra mile to help us. What professionalism!



Case Study

My company buys in many different types of product, specifically for the building, plumbing and drainage industries.

We were contacted by Nextool who offered to look at some of our products with a view to converting them into plastic.

The 15mm and 22mm pipe inserts were currently being bought in stainless steel. Nextool produced tooling to manufacture these products in Glass Filled Nylon.

The end result was that we have a better quality product at 1/10th of the price. We are currently looking at other products where Nextool could safe us money.

Davant Building Products